The Estaban Zamora Story
Prod.: Howard Christie

Estaban Zamora: Ernest Borgnine
Bernabe Zamora: Leonard Nimoy
Frank McGrath
Terry Wilson
Robert Armstrong
Stuart Randall


Raoul Zamora is found underneath a tree – he is dying. The stab wound has been deadly. In the nearby bushes Bernabe Zamora watches the people who found him, but no one can help his brother any more. Raoul Zamora dies. Gathering outside their camp in the hills, Bernabe, his brother Miguel, and sister Serita, discuss what has happened. Both know he had to do it to defend himself, but Bernabe is worried about how his father, who is still on the way to join them, will feel finding Raoul dead. Bernabe is certain: He must turn himself in. 

Having done it in self defense he would not need to fear the sheriff. But Miguel convinces him to keep this knowledge away from their father. "Fearing my own father?" Bernabe asks. Miguel confirms: The family laws will not leave a choice for their father; he will have to kill his own son to take revenge. At the sheriff's office they inform the sheriff about their customs at home but not about the fact that it was Bernabe who has killed him in self defense. An agreement is reached that they all keep it away from the father to avoid more bloodshed. When the sheriff wants to show them the killer's knife for identification, they say that this is too much for them and leave. 

The father arrives and is warmly welcomed. When he asks for Raoul, Bernabe breakes out in tears and Miguel tells him that Raoul has died. At the grave Raoul explains to their father that he had fallen from a horse which fell on him – months ago. Wondering why the earth is still fresh, but too deep in thoughts, the father leaves with them. After the meal Miguel tells him that they will leave to go further west and Bernabe adds they are in search for better pastures for sheep. Estaban Zamora wonders. He's never seen better land to raise sheep. And he knows his sons: They are lying. Now he is certain that his youngest son was murdered. "Is there no honor for a family here?" he asks and insists that the murderer must be punished. In the mountains he comes across a gang of thieves, in a struggle he can fight them. 

We'll look for better pastures

Talking with the sheriff he learns that there is a gang around a man named Stone and that revenge for the murder of his son would make him a criminal himself. The sheriff tries to convince him that revenge by killing a person has no place in the new country they chose to live in. Still he cannot live with the knowledge that his son's murderer goes unpunished. When he talks with Miguel while Bernabe went to church in town to pray, he begins looking for his son's knife, which he cannot find. Now he suspects Miguel. This would explain why he lied to him: To protect himself. Miguel begins to defend himself while his father challenges him for a fight with their knives. Now Serita hurries to find the knife they have hidden and shows it to their father to protect Miguel's life. 

Hardly believing where she came from, Estaban Zamora stumbles: "…Bernabe? … Bernabe? …" He finds him praying in church. Slowly Bernabe rises and faces his father. "Miguel told you?" "No," his father says, "I found out by myself." Bernabe now shares that his life is not worth much for him any more. It might be better his father killed him. This seems not what his father really wants to do any more. He wants to know how it had happened and Bernabe tells him that Raoul had been with Stone's men. When Raoul came to their camp to steal the sheep, he had drunk and he had attacked Bernabe. In self defense Bernabe had accidentally struck him. Now Estaban Zamora even shares that it is him who needs forgiveness now after he has learned that the priest and the others have accepted Bernabe's offer to join the order as one of the brothers. Estaban Zamora and his children stay in the area. They have been given a good part of the land for their sheep.