1966 - DANIEL BOONE: Seminole Territory


Dir.: John Florea
Prod.: George Sherman
Writer: Stephen Lord

Daniel Boone: Fess Parker
Mingo: Ed Ames
Fletcher Cameron: Channing Pollock
Oontah, son of chief Ottowa: Leonard Nimoy
Rhonda Cameron: Diane Ladd
Hotalla Richard Devon
John Bridger: Judson Pratt


On their way to farmers in Florida Daniel Boone and Mingo cross Seminole country. Not only them. A couple in a wagon, too. The man, Fletcher Cameron, is an illusionist and tours the country. Because Seminole territory is Indian land, they are attacked by Indians under the lead of Oontah, the son of chief Ottowa. When Mingo and Daniel Boone hear the shooting, they help the couple and are invited for a meal. Again the Seminoles attack leaving no time for the four to get their guns. Fletcher saves the situation for them by showing his tricks. 


The next day Mingo and Daniel Boone are already gone to see the first farmers in Florida as Oontah comes back. This time he invites Fletcher to his father's village, obviously skeptical, but obeying his father's wishes who thinks Fletcher is a god. At night Fletcher gives a show to the Indians full of tricks. The amazed Ottowa honors him by hanging his necklace around his neck. Now Oontah intervenes: "No! The white man is playing tricks on us!" For an answer Fletcher lets a flash of fire out of his hand and Oontah is ignored by his father, who names him "Manteola" (white god of the winds). 

Looking for good land to invite newcomers in the region the two farmers, Mingo and Daniel Boone encounter Oontah and other Seminole Indians. They Are the people who lived here first and more and more land is taken by Whites coming in new. Oontah explains that they want tribute for their land. One farmer wonders where they know the word "tribute" from and both farmers refuse to pay the Seminoles. They wonder why Ottawa has changed his mind concerning the relationship with the farmers. Ottawa sends his son to invite Manteola in his village to be the guest of honor. Fletcher accepts and is spoiled by the treatment in the village. Daniel Boone and Mingo look for the Seminoles because they fear that there will be trouble because of the tribute they want and are bound and taken into the village as prisoners. 

We were here first

Ottowa introduces them to "Manteola" who claims to be chosen to care for the interests of the Seminoles. He wants the farmers to pay tribute for the land and sends both away as they oppose him.  On their way they meet Fletcher's wife and tell her that her husband uses the Seminoles to get money blood money because this will cause bloodshed . Having seen her husband in the village she is sure: He himself believes in being chosen and she does not have any chance to convince him otherwise. At night the farmers are attacked by Indians under the lead of Oontah. After the attack is over, Daniel Boone manages to knock down one of the attackers and they learn that Indians of several Indian tribes have gathered to attack the farmers. 


From far Mingo and Daniel Boone watch the chiefs of the tribes gather. Mingo is caught, bound and Oontah tells him that he is to die after the tribes have met. Meanwhile Daniel Boone convinces Mrs. Cameron that she can prevent a war if she intervenes by not providing the necessary equipment for Fletcher's show. All chiefs and leaders have gathered to watch Manteola prove that he is a god. Sitting behind his father Oontah is still skeptical. Now Daniel frees Mingo and both secretly watch the show how he moves the feathers from a chief's head without touching it. 

All the next attempts of any trick end up in searching his pockets more and more desperate they are empty. Oontah examines the feathers from the chief which are still lying on the ground, discovers a thin threat and states that it is now proven what he had said: The white man is playing tricks on them. In fear Fletcher exclaims: "I am a god!" and Oontah challenges him: "If you are a god, then you won't be hurt when my knife cuts you." Getting closer his knife drawn. As Daniel Boone sees Fletcher drawing his pistol to kill Oontah, he fights him and knocks him unconscious, the shot only hitting the ground. Thanking Daniel Boone for saving his son's life Ottowa and Danial agree that God is where there is peace. Heading for New Orleans the Camerons leave.