1976 - Nimoy's a Natural Sherlock Holmes
His Chemistry Clicks With Sherlock


By Stephen Schaefer

1977, Monday, July, 25
In the Helen Hayes Theater

"Pretty bourgeois" Leonard Nimoy calls his lifestyle with a dry laugh. Four people in the family and "each of us has our own car."
He considers Sherlock Holmes to be as alien as Spock is. He has got the title role in William Gillett's play at Chicago's Shubert Theater.

"I've always felt I should I should do Holmes someday.", He says. "I think my chemistry, my looks, my image all are helpful in a playing that role. Besides, I understand Holmes."

"I guess the reason I relate so strongly to characters like that has to do with my feelings about myself, the way I perceive things. I've really always considered myself an outsider, ever since I can remember. It wasn't by choice, it just happened. I don't follow trends a lot of people do. I'm not gregarious. I don't strike up conversations with people easily.  .... I've never enjoyed social chatter."

Concerning Holmes: "The mystique's pretty easy to understand... He has these powers of observation we all would like to think we could develop, if we only knew how."

"Usually the material that interests me most is form theater... The television scripts I'm offered are mostly predictable and repetitive."

His writing is mentioned and the hosting of ISO. About enrolling at Antioch College: "... I'm not interested in the degree itself, I'm curious about what will happen to me during the process of getting it.   ...    I'm always interested in expanding my mind, finding new values."